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  • Swimming pool

    The swimming pool is an indoor heated pool with a children's pool nearby. It has separate hours for men and women and family hours as well. A dry sauna made of wood with a core stones oven that raises the temperature and lowers the relative humidity to 0% draws poisons out of the body's pores and raises the metabolism. In addition, the body burns calories without physical exertion. The sauna is built with wooden benches for sitting or lying down. There is a thermometer, and the temperature is controlled by a thermostat.

  • Fitness room

    Equipped with a variety of aerobic and strength training machines and devices. Both separate hours for men and women and mixed hours.

  • Horseback riding

    The new Galilean Horseback Riding Experience in Kibbutz Lavi is under the management of Nitzan Peleg. Horseback riding excursions and a riding school. In Kibbutz Lavi, located on a verdant hill near the Golani Junction, the new Horseback Riding Experience was opened under the management of Nitzan Peleg, a highly experienced riding instructor and a trainer licensed by the horseback riding association and the sports administration. In the new Horseback Riding Experience in Kibbutz Lavi you'll find riding for couples and for families in the lovely scenery of the Lower Galilee. No previous riding experience is necessary, only a good mood and a love of nature. The riding takes place on quiet trained horses accompanied by trained instructors. In addition, the Galilean Horseback Riding Experience offers a school for western riding, riding instruction for individuals or groups, therapeutic riding lessons for all ages, and an unforgettable challenging experience for groups, including driving cattle. The Galilean Horseback Riding Experience in Kibbutz Lavi. Riding to a horizon of experiences.

    The hotel offers guests horseback riding for children and adults at a special discount rate.

    Advance reservation required for groups, riding lessons.

    To reserve – 054-6709704

  • Sport

  • Children world

    • Children's World – playroom
    • Workshops for children, plays, magicians, performers – in season
    • Playgrounds
    • Kibbutz animals path
    • Babysitter – must be hired in advance
  • Milking

    Visit the Kibbutz Lavi dairy farm for a special experience. 300 cows produce 10,500 liters of milk daily. The milking may be observed through a special facing the milking machines. On Shabbat the milking is done with special machinery authorized for use on Shabbat.

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