Pesach 2017 in Kibbutz LAVI Hotel

פסח בלביא

We invite you to a perfect Passover holiday, facing the breathtaking landscapes with which our country has been blessed, near the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Golan Heights and with no need to compromise your religious lifestyle.
Reservations are coming in, and our preparations for Passover, involving food and beverages and, of course, cultural programs too, are underway.
As is known to all, Passover in Lavi is a special experience with a unique atmosphere, and anyone interested in joining us should reserve soon to ensure a place.It is also possible to join us for the first Yom Tov only and to attend the public Seder conducted by Rabbi Ephraim Levitz with much charm, wisdom, and creativity. Rabbi Ephraim involves the participants, young and old, in the Seder experience in his own unique way.
Anyone who prefers to conduct his own private Seder, will be assigned an appropriate place for a family Seder with full service of the hotel staff. We recommend making an early reservation for the Seder night. It will help us to make sure all your expectations are fulfilled.
We wish you a continued pleasant winter and look forward to seeing you at Lavi!

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