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The Kibbutz Lavi Beit Midrash

The Kibbutz Lavi Beit Midrash is a large and spacious building, adjacent to the kibbutz synagogue.

Kibbutz Lavi invites guests to take part in classes in our Beit Midrash, or sit comfortably in one of the benches and chairs of the Beit Midrash, lovingly made by Lavi Furniture factory, a factory dedicated to equipment for synagogues and Batei Midrash. And learn through one of the books from the rich Torah library of the Beit Midrash.

From the large windows of the air-conditioned and comfortable study hall, you will see the lovely nature of the Kibbutz.  Of course, you are welcome to join the kibbutz prayers in the week or on Shabbat and holidays, and thereby have another glimpse into the kibbutz life.

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