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Excursions at the Kibutz

You are invited to visit the Kibbutz grounds with a guide or on your own, with the aid of a map available at the reception. We offer groups guided tours in several languages. The synagogue of Kibbutz Lavi is built in the style of ancient Galilean synagogues from the time of the Mishnah. Pillars support the ceiling. The steps down to the main sanctuary allude to the verse “Out of the depths I cry to thee, O Lord!” The synagogue, built on a high central place in the kibbutz, attracts many tourists on their way to Tiberias. The synagogue is furnished with benches manufactured at the synagogue furniture factory of the kibbutz.

You are welcome to visit the synagogue and the factory where you can see the advanced machinery with which Lavi has manufactured more than 70% of the synagogue furniture in the country. The tour affords you the opportunity to see the special life style of a religious kibbutz first hand. On this tour you can experience the special atmosphere of a hotel in the midst of the religious Kibbutz Lavi, situated near the mountains of the Lower Galilee, and view the Yavn’el valley and the mountains of Gilead, in addition to the Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee, Mount Hermon (covered with snow in winter). Enjoy the scenery of the Galilean mountains and Safed. You can request a tour with advance notice at the hotel reception in different languages.

The Kibbutz Lavi also offers private tours with a licensed guide at guest’s expense:

Uzi Amiram – a member of Kibbutz Lavi, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism for Hebrew and English tours.
Tours of sites, nature, scenery, tours with the Bible and other sources.
Walking tours or tours with car rented from the kibbutz
Phone: 050-3278268, 04-6799466

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