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Milking cows

Anyone who thinks about a kibbutz will think of a few things; about agriculture and a communal dining, about the old children’s home of yesteryear and about … cows!

Here, too, at Kibbutz Lavi you will find cows. But these are not just cows. The cowshed of Kibbutz Lavi is a large cowshed with 300 milking cows. These cows, growing under favorable conditions and receiving an abundance of healthy and quality food, yield about 10,500 liters of milk a day. And if we try to make that amount clearer – just think about 10,500 bags of milk a day! Indeed, an impressive amount! 10,500 families in Israel who enjoy milk from Kibbutz Lavi every day.

We invite you to come to an exciting experience (perhaps mainly for children, but not only) and watch the cows. You can also reach for cows and caress. And in the right time of year to reach out to the cute little calves, who tend to crowd in front of each visitor, affectionately extending their long red tongue.

Another unique experience that will be available to you in the cowshed is to watch the cows milking, through a large window that looks out over the sophisticated appliances and the milking cows. The cowshed at Kibbutz Lavi also boasts advanced machinery, which is halachically adapted to the milking rules of the Sabbath.

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