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Celebrating Shabat chatan

Are you planning a Shabbat Chatan in the near future? You’ve come to the right place.

This is your opportunity to organize an event where all the preparations are on us and all the compliments come to you. Sounds good?

You’ve got a wedding coming up. Our congratulations! We are sure that you have many meetings and arrangements to take care of and a lot of running around before the wedding. Organizing a large wedding for the entire family, the relatives, and friends is never an easy matter. There are many things, big and small, which must be attended to. And what about the Shabbat Chatan? Here, at last, you have an opportunity to enjoy your special, exciting celebration together with your family and close friends with no need to give too much attention to the details of the event. There is no need to arrange, to coordinate, to organize; leave all that to us. We at the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel will take care of everything for you.

Our experience, your pleasure…

The Kibbutz Lavi Hotel staff has a great deal of experience in hosting large groups on weekdays and on Shabbat, and “simcha” events as well. Our extensive experience has taught us that the success of such an event depends on giving careful attention to both its form and its content, and so the hotel, with all its rooms and facilities, are fully prepared for a Shabbat Chatan which we believe will leave a lasting impression.

The hotel has designated representatives whose job it is to be in contact with the family starting from setting the date, and of course they are attentive to any questions and requests that come up after that, so that your joyous event will run smoothly and fulfill all your expectations. You will be able to arrange the time of the Shabbat services and plan the details of the Shabbat menus and the receptions that will take place between them. The family will be in charge of the synagogue and will be assigned its own section of the dining room, taking into consideration the size of the group and the hotel occupancy. The assignment of rooms for your guests will be done in consultation with you close to the date of your event.

Designing the event to your taste

We want you to know that the entire event will be planned with full attention to the smallest detail, relying on the many years of experience of our hotel staff, from the organization of the services and the meals to the selection of wines and tablecloths and finally to the flower arrangements. Of course, it is possible to make changes in of these elements of the event in order to give it the character and the style you desire.

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