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Lavi Kilvavi Club

Members’ benefits:

Special deals for club members

10% discount on hotel price list (excluding high season and holidays)

5% discount on high season prices

5% discount on special deals

Club discount will be granted to a maximum of 5 rooms (including the card holder) in a single reservation

10% discount in souvenir shop and hotel bar

10% discount on cosmetic, reflexology, and guided imagery treatments

Do you have a birthday? An anniversary? Any reason to celebrate?
Lavi can provide you with beautiful, special moments!

Receive a 15% discount on the celebrant’s room (not on holidays)
The birthday discount is in effect up to 2 weeks before or after the civil date of the birthday (additional rooms at regular club discount)

Family group events
(Shabbat Chatan, bar mitzvah, 7 brachot, birthday, meals on the way, chalaka…) 5% discount for entire group on rooms only

Joining Lavi Kilvavi Club
Requires payment of 100 NIS (membership valid for 2 years). Membership will be renewed automatically if the member stays at the hotel any time during this 2 year period. Otherwise a new payment will be required to renew membership.
The discount for guests and groups will start from the second visit.
Direct mailing throughout the year (deals, special events) email only
To join Lavi Kilvavi Club press here for form

join our Club and enjoy benefits and discounts on your next visit.

* The hotel management reserves the right to amend the Lavi Kilvavi Club conditions
* No double discounts are allowed

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