Greeting from the manager of Kibbutz Lavi Hotel

At this time I am taking up my position as CEO of the Lavi Hotel. I am replacing Yitzchak Flanzer, who is retiring following a twenty-five career in hotel management. Yitzchak Flanzer began his career with a modest guest house and, with the aid of a dedicated staff, turned it into a 184-room 4 star hotel. In his wisdom, Yitzchak managed to adapt the hotel to both the religious Jewish clientele and tourists from all over the world. Every week many guests from countries around the world stay at the hotel, including tourists from France, Italy, Spain, South America, Germany, China and the United States.

I thank Yitzchak for his great contribution and hope that I will be able to maintain the success he has achieved and even to improve the hotel and make it more efficient for the benefit of our guests and our clients. I would like to wish all our guests, our  partner agents and guides, and suppliers a kosher and happy Passover. I invite each and every one of you to come to visit and enjoy the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel.

Shalom Ashkenazi 
General Manager