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Planning a Shabbat Hatan

Shabbat Hatan

Shabbat Hatan is a beautiful, bright step, an event that marks the beginning of your new life together, as a married couple. It is a holy experience, in which you and your new family are blessed.

Mazal Tov! Your wedding is coming up, a moment of true union, the beginning of a new family. This is definitely a time to celebrate. Yet in all the mayhem of coordinating the different suppliers, the scheduling, seating arrangements and menu-tasting, finding the time to organize the equally important event of Shabbat Hatan can be, at times, quite a challenge! But it doesn’t have to be that way – on the contrary! Shabbat Hatan can be a great opportunity to relax, and celebrate, without the headache. How? Simple. Leave it all to Kibbutz Lavi Hotel.

Our Experience, Your Satisfaction

Kibbutz Lavie Hotel is well known for organizing and managing events, both on weekdays and weekends, with the greatest success. Our professional staff is always at your disposal, working to ensure a most carefully planned Shabbat Hatan, which guarantees the highest standards. Our dedicated representatives will stay in contact with you, from the moment you schedule a date, till the event is over, and will help you work out the content, menus, prayer times, and everything else necessary to ensure the success of this special moment in your life.

And this is not all; the very fact that your Shabbat Hatan will take place at a luxurious hotel, ensures that your stay will be as relaxing – and as fun – as possible. In fact, you will not only be enjoying this very special event, you will be going on a family vacation to a beautiful place, with all the benefits that you would hope for in the most enjoyable of vacations.

An Event According to Your Taste

It is important to us that your event is planned according to the highest possible standards, but also according to your own unique taste. With years of experience in event management, our staff will assist you in everything from picking the tableware, tablecloths, and flowers, to the dishes and the wines themselves, in order to ensure that this event will be perfectly, and sincerely, suited to you.