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Children Activities

Everyone knows that when the children find themselves having fun, then the parents can also relax. You deserve it – you are on a vacation! And so are the sweet kids. So here are some fun activities for kids – that will delight the entire family.

  • Playground
    All  kids want to go to the playground sometime during the day. Therefore, nearby the hotel you will find a lovely playground with swings and slides for different ages. Hammocks and “cars” for the little ones, and sand for building palaces. Bridges between wooden houses and “fitness facilities”. All surrounded by the green landscape of Kibbutz Lavi, with the stunning view of the surrounding Galilee.
  • Meeting the animals of the kibbutz
    Kibbutz Lavi grows cows and horses. The parents are happily invited to take a leisurely kibbutz trip with the children, and approach the cows in the cowshed and the horses in the stable. Maybe caress, maybe just look; however, there is no doubt that this will be a delightful experience for the excited children.
  • Workshops for children, performances, magicians and artists – in the season
    During the periods when the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel is buzzing with happy children, they are invited to various and changing workshops, as well as to nice performances. Sometimes magicians come to the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, and sometimes other artists and performers, who fill the hotel with children’s laughter and with a broad smile of the adults. Because let’s face it, we all love a little entertainment.
  • Babysitting services
    For those interested, you can order a babysitter (in advance and with extra charge) who will accompany your children in their activities, and release you to a little quality time of your own.
  • The children’s world
    It is a colorful, joyful enclosed complex with a soft and pleasant floor, where children can run, fall and get up safely. In the hall the children will find a pool of balls and “swings”, children’s toy cars in various forms, small houses to enter, slides for the little ones, nice tables and chairs to sit on, large and small cubes, pillows and more and more games that kids really like.

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