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What’s wonderful about a vacation is that it allows you to do what’s important; enjoy a quality time with family and friends, relax with a good book, and for those who like physical activity – time to invest in your body.

Each and every one has different reasons to go to the gym; there are those for whom good training – helps to forget worries. Some people use the gym to wake up and become lively, vital and smiling, and some people find that the gym is a great excuse to connect to the earphones and listen to good music , or perhaps a Torah lesson that you do not have time to hear in the daily race.

Whatever your reasons may be; At the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel you can enjoy a pleasant gym, simply decorated and preserving natural materials, to connect it to the beautiful Galilee waiting outside; A refined stone decorating the walls and a warm wooden parquet.

Excellent quality exercise machines will welcome you; Such as treadmill and bicycle, various weight machines, aerobic instruments and more.

And all inside the hotel, with maximum comfort and maximum enjoyment for sports lovers.

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