The Ultimate Vacation in Tiberias
The Ultimate Vacation in Tiberias

The Ultimate Vacation

The best vacation is one that takes you on a journey, alongside relaxation and total comfort. Kibbutz Lavie Hotel provides its guests with the best of both worlds, in one profoundly enjoyable vacation

Tiberias is not just another location in Israel. It is a religious hub, situated at the very heart of the country, its impressive historical background dating back to the Roman period. Yet there’s more to Tiberias than you might be aware of, for this beautiful area is also celebrated for its therapeutic hot springs, breathtaking tours, and archaeological riches. Kibbutz Lavie Hotel provides its guests with a wonderful vacation, enabling you to both enjoy an adventure in this beautiful area, and full relaxation at the hotel facilities.

Journey Through History

The hotel’s location makes it almost a hotel in tiberia we can tell you a lot about the wonderful and rich history of the area. It was founded by King Herod Antipas, and was once titled the capital of the Galilee area. It was a religious center for believers of the Jewish, Islamic and Christian faiths. The area is rich, therefore, in archaeological sites, such as the Roman Gate, the remains from the Byzantine era and the Jewish revolt, the Roman Theater, sites dating back to the Crusader period, and awe-inspiring buildings such as the Hamat Tiberias synagogue.

Tiberias is a fascinating city, with ancient architecture and constructions, and beautiful scenery and attractions, resting as it does along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Kibbutz Lavie Hotel invites you to explore this wonderful city and its rich culture, whilst also enjoying the great facilities of a luxurious and relaxing hotel.

A  Rich and Beautiful Vacation

There are amazing attractions to visit in the area surrounding Tiberias. The hot springs of Tiberias date right back to the pre-Roman period. The Sea of Galilee is another beautiful location, which draws in visitors who come to swim, relax at the beach, and enjoy a grilled meal. The food in Tiberias is as flavorsome as it is rich in variety. Since Tiberias is known for its diverse population, you can find a wealth of flavors and cuisines all in one beautiful city. We welcome you to explore this wonderful area, and enjoy your stay in our luxurious hotel.